Talking with myself

This post is the last one of the year and the first one in many time. I am writing it, precisely, the last day of 2019 using a new device. Despite this entry is hosted under the same domain I had for more than twelve months, the hosting service is different, the template has new components as well, and the project behind it, my doctoral research, is also a different new thing compared to the one that was published on this site, as its main roadmap, one year ago.

I see this entry as a personal open thought, a self conversion, a kind of short but reflexive activity about the practice of doing my work. That practice is a movement that is going first, further, and below any methodological process I could apply. It is the practice of situating oneself on a particular epistemic location. It is the practice of self-recognition, and of mixing private life and working one on a sort of experimental experience of discovering, apprehension and exchange always in relation to the world outside. 

And, perhaps, that attitude of epistemic recognition is the best and most valuable experience this doctoral research can provide me. Precisely, It is its philosophical component —if I can decompose the PhD in that way— the one I am talking about today, the one that is gathering this process of being constantly changing. Of course the specific and (trans)disciplinary part of my work, that mix of STS and Urban Studies, is the core of what I am doing, but that core is surrounded by a philosophical attitude (not a program) based on an epistemic mode of thinking (Zemelman) that is providing me a non-theoretic position for describe and inhabit the world outside. 

This is a matter of reinvention. In two months I will start, officially, my last year as a doctoral candidate, a time for closing formal and administrative processes related to obtaining an academic degree, but at the same time, this will be just another year, like this one, of continuing working on the things I like to do. However, there is in between this closing time and this continuous continuity a lot of small (and not so small) processes, movements, and arrangements simultaneously happening although sometimes with some delayed times.

For instance, I realized, uploading and reviewing again most of the post I published before, how distant the current version of who I am and the one I used to be are. Many of the things I posted many months ago resulted to be either obsolete or, at least, outdated comparing to the things I am working on nowadays. And to be honest, I like that. I like to see behind my academic work and realizing how things have been changing, and how unstable everything results to be.

That’s why I decided to keep those old posts. Even despite they are going in an opposite direction than the one I am going right now, they are also part of my learning process, one that is continuously changing and moving around, forward, backward, and sideways without any apparently direction. Now, I am thinking about to quote them from time to time, to dispute them, to shred them and grabbing their pieces for composing new materials to try, to test, to improve, and to dispute again.