The problem with gentrification

Depending on your way of looking, urban transformations can be appreciated either as intense controversies or as black boxes labeled under the label of gentrification. Although at the beginning gentrification looks like a controversy itself, the debates around this concept seem is getting cold and shaped as a not official agreement (Hammet, 1991) between the ones who believe gentrification is produced by the market supply and the others who think that it is the result of the market demand.

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Looking for a locality. Working on transitions in Times Square (I)

Transition studies in STS (Elzen et al. 2004; Geels, 20022010Grin et al. 2010) have a preference and a solid background on Large-scale and long-term technological issues in contexts of crisis. (See, for example, low-carbon transition in a situation of climate crisis: Steward, 2012Xiang-Wan, 2016Geels et al. 2017Geels, 2018Roberts et al. 2018). Nevertheless, there are two main perspectives inside this new intellectual tradition: “There are historical studies of completed socio-technical transitions (and) there are studies of current societal changes.” (Darnhofer, 2015)

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