XXX Times Square with love

Times Square has a collection of fascinating pieces of furniture. Most of those furnishings were designed by well-known designers, architects or artists, so the combinations they projected onto those objects, a mix of usability, symbolism and aesthetic, blended with multiple possible responses to usability by the actors outside, make those elements interesting devices to be

When infrastructures fail

Since the conception of the original project for the redevelopment of Times Square in 2009, the presence of bollards for separating vehicular areas from pedestrian ones was a priority. The particular geography of the zone and its new spatial recomposition, as well the national and local perspective on security after 9/11, demanded significant improvements in

The Nordic device

There is an approximately 15-meter-long black granite bench on the northern side of zone E. The bench is located exactly in front of Nasdaq’s offices, near 43rd Street. Zone E is possibly the least transited space in the whole of Times Square. The apparent lack of popularity of this zone could be attributed to the