Based on the epistemic idea of “learning from” a specific scenario, the focus of this project is on designing methodological artifacts for encompassing urban life using any kind of modes (visual, spatial, linguistic…) and exploring epistemically encounters between Urban Studies, STS, design, literature and digital journalism.

The Artefaktenatelier is divided into two components: The first one is an academic one, based on courses, seminars and any other kind of academic encounters around a. Urban theory; b. Multimodal ethnography; c. Digital methods. The second one, called experimental is focused on exhausting particular locations through the design and construction of multimodal ethnographic artifacts.

The intention of this method is, thus, decomposing a place in many possible ways, through the elaboration of particular cases, using a wide variety of media, and paying special attention to the particularities of each temporal spatial formation.

This specific approach aims to take care of —and to work with— any part of the ethnographical work: sketching, observing, describing, presenting and, in general terms, exhausting a specific location in a multimodal and interactive way.

The main resource of this project —and its headquarters— will be a website. The idea is using this space as a container, as a place for communicating and exchanging knowledge, and as a flexible tool that offers the possibility of working, in a simultaneous way, at any time, from any part of the world.