Walking as a way of thinking. Part one

There are two different strategies I use to apply for developing epistemic devices and multimodal artifacts: the first one is going to walk with the concepts and ideas I am currently working with. The second one is taking a nap with them. Today, I will talk about the first one. 

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Talking with myself

This post is the last one of the year and the first one in many time. I am writing it, precisely, the last day of 2019 using a new device. Despite this entry is hosted under the same domain I had for more than twelve months, the hosting service is different, the template has new components as well, and the project behind it, my doctoral research, is also a different new thing compared to the one that was published on this site, as its main roadmap, one year ago.

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Baklavas in Mauerpark

Every time I am reading something, I cannot stop comparing my way of writing with other people’s work. But how I do that is paying special attention to the way how they are knitting their set of concepts. I always find interesting the fluency the rest of the word has for using theoretical notions. The confidence they have for naming things is something I won’t ever have.

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