Happy new year!… in September

Walking around Times Square one can see all manner of dressed and costumed people. Some, mostly informal workers, are dressed like Disney characters or other franchised superheroes. There are naked women painted with the colors of the American flag and fake Buddhist monks that, from time to time, walk around the plaza giving away “free”

A virtual walk

I want to invite you to participate in a short spatial transmutation exercise. Once you finish reading each paragraph, please close your eyes and imagine you are in the middle of Times Square experiencing all the situations you are reading here. Times Square is a place surrounded by skyscrapers full of intermittent lights and blinking

Mandatory contamination

Based only on my observations around the whole area and without any official confirmation or any other source to endorse my claim, I believe that the most significant contaminating source in Times Square is the light emanating from the massive screens and signs hanging from the facades of the buildings in the area. This light

Tracing and representing an urban[something]

Introduction It could be anything happening outside in a public place. It could be any set of elements temporarily stabilized in Times Square —even if they are not physically there— creating their own spatiality. It could be either a complex structure of continually mounted and unmounted situations or just an effervescent situation that happened once

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Acts 1 and 2 He only appeared at night. I saw him three times, on three different nights, going around Duffy Square. This story happened in September 2017. The specific dates are irrelevant. It could have been a Saturday, a Sunday, or a Wednesday and nothing would have changed. He arrived at a different time

The Nordic device

There is an approximately 15-meter-long black granite bench on the northern side of zone E. The bench is located exactly in front of Nasdaq’s offices, near 43rd Street. Zone E is possibly the least transited space in the whole of Times Square. The apparent lack of popularity of this zone could be attributed to the

Embroidering times in the Square

If you visit Times Square on a daily basis, you may realize that most of the time, Times Square is not where it is supposed to be. In other words, it is a common situation to be in Times Square and yet to not see Times Square. Sometimes, you must take Times Square with you

A late answer

July 3, 2018. Lübeck, Germany Although perhaps you will not read these words and maybe you do not even remember the short conversation we had in Times Square a few years ago, I want to correctly answer the question you asked me that night. Perhaps you may think my response is delayed and unnecessary but

Lights still on

September 8-9, 2017 It was almost midnight and the air was freezing due to some sporadic showers during the night. I was seated on a black concrete bench in front of an empty spot undergoing remodeling between the pedestrianized Broadway Avenue and W. 47th Street. After midnight, when the area is less transited, a group

First impressions before to land

August 23, 2017 (Originally written in Spanish). I am about to go to Times Square to look at the controversy happening there around the meaning of the public. This controversy is materialized in the conception and usage of the open public plazas resulting after Broadway Avenue’s pedestrianization. I know so far that there is a