Academic module

Phase 1. Design

After having clear the intentions and possibilities of the university, the curricular program will be elaborated. This phase can be developed in any moment of the research process. Either at the beginning, exactly after “Design 1”, or once the phase of consolidation is working. The contents and methodology will depend on the kind of each academic program as well as on the way how this component will be projected.

Estimated time: Depending on the kind of contents. Up to five months.

Requirements: website and online learning platform.

Phase 2. Consolidation

This phase of consolidation will depend on what was decided on the design phase regarding the kind of contents and the proposed methodology. However, during this stage it is possible to develop one face-to-face seminar and one online course.

Estimated time: Having clear that the times of planning and designing are done, the times of this stage will depend on the duration of each course of seminar. That is a topic for discussing in the “Design phase”.

Requirements: A calling process, a working online platform and/or a classroom. and “interactive ways of doing urban ethnography.” (Academic component)

Phase 3. Evaluation

The idea of this stage is generating a retrospective space for checking all the progress done during the other phases with the intention of improving each general situation that could require any T. Nevertheless, although this won’t be the only moment for evaluating this project, it will be the main one in order to go to the last phase, “Continuity.”